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1975 and the Changes to Come by Arnold B. Barach, 1962

1975: And The Changes To Come by Arnold B. Barach, Harper & Brothers Publishers: New York, 1962: “Reference Finder” (originally scanned and uploaded by Derrick Bostrom)

Every 60 seconds, day and night, approximately 2,000 pages of books, newspapers, or reports are published somewhere in the world; and the output is increasing by leaps and bounds. Libraries will ultimately be forced to use computers such as this for locating documents and references, since it will be so difficult otherwise to keep up with the printed material. This pioneering installation is at the Center for Documentation and Communication Research at Western Reserve University.

Derrick Bostrom has 20 more pictures from Barach’ book: check them all. I couldn’t find much more information online about the book nor its author Arnold B. Barach. Here’s the Google Books entry (no preview though). As of today, there are two copies of it available at

There is something ironic about looking up for Barach’s book on Googles Books. Barach’s mention about reference finder added to the relative lack on information online about his book brings out the general problem of information persistence and, more specifically, the way this problem manifest itself with digital media.

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