"Best Clip Ever", Techno Tuesday by Andy Rementer, Nov. 2010

Techno Tuesday: “Best Clip Ever” (CC: by-nc 3.0)

Recently, I came to understand that such a predicate (be it “best… ever” or “worst… ever”) is less indicative of the subject of the sentence in which it is used (clip, film, song, beer, show) than it is of the subject making the statement.
Techno Tuesday is a webcomic by graphic designer, illustrator and cartoonist Andy Rementer. Visit his official website to see more of his work and learn more about him. About Techno Tuesday:

‘Techno Tuesday’ began as an exercise in drawing comics and complaining. In fact it still is, after it’s inception in January of 2006. The comic, which is based on technology and the modern world, originally appeared on the Fabrica blog. It has since been published elsewhere online as well as in print in places like Adbusters Magazine, Clark Magazine, The Portland Mercury and more. It has also been exhibited at Lift in Switzerland, and the Pompidou Centre in Paris. The comic has been running weekly in the Russian magazine F5 since 2008. (more)


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