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A bunch of you is reading this blog through its RSS feed. That’s what I like to do myself: I have a huge list of subscriptions which I check on a daily basis. I find it easier to manage my online activities that way. I can easily spot unread items and flag the ones I like. Though I’ve been a long time NetNewsWire user, I recently switched to Reeder (still a Draft version).
I also suscribe to my own RSS feed. That may seams strange, but there’s a very simple explanation for that: it allows me to know if the feed behaves correctly.
That’s how I noticed, last Tuesday, that my RSS feed wasn’t updating anymore. A quick verification of my feed’s address through a Feed Validator confirmed the problem: Aphelis’ feed wasn’t validating. That means there was no way to get an update from this blog through a RSS subscription, even though I kept publishing posts.
This morning I sat down to fix the problem. First thing to do beside updating to the latest version of WordPress is to deactivate all the plugins one by one while trying to validate the blog’s feed. Sure enough, I quickly find the culprit: upon deactivation of a single plugin, the feed validates again.
Since I published only a few posts after the feed broke, you shouldn’t have miss anything. Your feed aggregator will most likely update all the post published during the week. If you want to be sure, here’s the list of what you may have missed:

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