Thus Bloom has managed to insinuate in every mind the poisoned certainty that in every man and woman an enemy of civilization lies dormant. Evidently he has no other purpose than to devastate this world, but he will never say this. For his strategy is to produce the disaster, and around it silence.

☛ Tiqqun, Theory of Bloom, trans. Robert Hurley, LBC Books, 2012, p. 113. Licensed under Creative Commons.

Original French version:

C’est ainsi que le Bloom est parvenu à insinuer dans tous les esprits la certitude empoisonnée qu’il y a en chaque homme un ennemi de la civilisation qui sommeille. De toute évidence, il n’a pas d’autre fin que de dévaster le monde, c’est même là son destin, mais cela il ne le dira jamais. Car sa stratégie est de produire le désastre, et autour de lui le silence. (Tiqqun, Théorie du Bloom, éd. La Fabrique, Paris, 2000, p. 115)

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A photography of a man on an elevator with his back turned to illustrate a quote from Tiqqun’s Theory of Bloom
Mitch Epstein, “Untitled”, New York, 1998, from The City
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