Two paintings from the exhibition "Temporal Surfaces", White Walls Gallery, 2010

White Walls Gallery: First painting (van) is “Allen”, by Kevin Cyr, oil on panel 36×60″; second painting (train) is “Eureka Day” by Jessica Hess, oil on canvas, 36×48″. Both were part of the exhibition “Temporal Surfaces”, works by Kevin Cyr and Jessica Hess, curated by Lainya Magana, March 6 – March 27, 2010

About this exhibition:

Temporal Surfaces points to the relationship between space and time by uniting the individual perspectives of two artists separately exploring decay and abandonment in urban environments. The result is a body of work documenting the transitory nature of the contemporary urban American landscape, lauding these decrepit, graffiti laden, and often overlooked scenes as reverential places of beauty.
Working with photographs for inspiration and reference, Hessʼs exquisitely rendered oil paintings depict industrial sites and their graffiti-covered surfaces with keen attention to light and color. In the style of portraiture, Cyrʼs detailed paintings of derelict service vehicles, bombed with graffiti, are commemorated as the workhorses of a car culture society. (press release: PDF)

White Walls Gallery is based in San Francisco:

White Walls Gallery is the premiere destination for urban art. Combined with the Shooting Gallery just next door, this 4,000 sq ft space is one of the largest art galleries on the West Coast. Justin Giarla founded the gallery in 2005 with a commitment to furthering the urban art movement that stems from street art and graffiti art. (About)

More about Jessica Hess and Kevin Cyr:


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