“Scrutiny of the bounty” by Sergio Aragonés, in Mad-ly Yours!, Warner Paperback Library, 1972, unpaginated.

Mad-ly Yours!: “Scrutiny of the bounty” by Sergio Aragonés, Warner Paperback Library, 1972, unpaginated. Amazon.

Sometime clearer is not better. I find this to be a good thing to remember at a time when everything ―from cars to glasses to television sets― are said to be “HD” or “Beyond HD”.

• • •

Here’s how Aragonés describes himself on the National Cartoonist Society website:

Born in Spain in 1937, my family left because of the civil war and settled in Mexico. I have always drawn and started selling to humor magazines in 1954. Went to architecture school but spent all the time mostly drawing cartoons, doing theater, pantomime, and being a clown in an aquatic ballet troupe. Decided to come to the States in 1962 with twenty dollars and my portfolio. It is really a long story but soon I was working for MAD Magazine and free lancing (I’m still doing both). In 1967 started doing comic books for DC (Plop, Bat Lash). In 1982 created Groo The Wanderer, then Buzz and Bell, and Smoke House Five. Published over 20 books an and animated numerous TV programs (laugh-in, TV bloopers). Have won lots of awards. Traveled all over the world. Love building model ships, furniture. Have a lousy memory and drink too much coffee!

A longer version of his biography can be found on his official website. One can also follow his blog or his Fan Page on Facebook.


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