“Santas in the Subway”, Weegee, 1954

LIFE magazine: “Coming Up Doubled Up”, photo by Weegee (Arthur Fellig), December 27, 1954, p. 80.

The photo was originally published with the following caption:

The spirit of Christmas sometimes produces disquieting moments. In New York the Volunteers of America Inc. hires more than 50 men a day to dress up as Santa Claus and go out to the street corners around town soliciting contributions for the poor.

When their posts are in the same vicinity, the men often travel together. Emerging through the sidewalk exists, they give New Yorkers the shattering, if brief, illusion that Santa Claus not only comes in pairs but comes on a crowded 15¢ subway ride at that.

• • •

Previously, more photos by Weegee:


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