Christmas illustration by Frank Arthur Nankivell for the magazine Puck, December 12, 1900

Library of Congress (Print & Photographs Online Catalog): Illustration by Frank A. Nankivell for Puck‘s Christmas Number, chromolithograp, December 12, 1900. Call Number: Illus. in AP101.P7 1900. Public domain.

Description by the LoC:

Illustration shows a fashionably dressed young woman holding onto a Christmas tree as Puck chops it down with an axe. has a biography of Frank Arthur Nankivell:

He had run out of funds by the time he reached Japan, and after hawking his work around was able to earn a living as a cartoonist in Tokyo. From 1891-1894 he was on the staff of the English-language magazine Box of Curios.
In Tokyo he made the acquaintance of young Rakuten Kitazawa, taught him editorial cartooning, and was able to get him on staff as the only oriental. Kitazawa later became father of the Japanese comic art now known as Manga and founder of Tokyo Puck, named after Puck magazine of the US. Nankivell left Japan in 1894 to study art in San Francisco. He tried his hand, unsuccessfully, at publishing, producing another Puck imitation, Chic, and drawing for several San Francisco newspapers, the Call, the Examiner and the Chronicle.
He left for New York in 1896 after Chic failed, and joined the staff of Puck, where he remained until it was sold in 1913.

The Library of Congress has more art by Frank A. Nankivell. I found 92 entries related to his name.
Learn more about the magazine on Wikipedia: Puck (magazine).


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