Nielsen: "Kids in the U.S. Eyeing Big-Ticket Tech This Holiday Season", October 2010

The Nielsen Company: “Kids in the U.S. Eyeing Big-Ticket Tech This Holiday Season”, November 22, 2010

With Black Friday rapidly approaching, parents may want to get up early Friday morning to find deals, as a recent survey shows their kids are eyeing some wallet-stretching electronics this holiday season.
Across a multitude of electronic offerings, the Apple iPad leads all devices (31% interest in future purchase) among American kids ages 6-12. Apple’s iPod Touch is also popular choice among kids, generating similar levels of interest as computers. Of note, the iPod Touch outpaces the perennial handheld gaming favorites Nintendo DS and Sony PlayStation Portable – though look for the Nintendo 3DS to make a splash with young gamers when it releases in Spring 2011. Among gaming consoles, kids indicate they will be requesting the Sony PlayStation 3 the most this year; however, the platform will be competing with a variety of equally-popular mobile devices. (more)

Recently, veteran American blogger Jason Kottke offered his prediction on what would be the best selling electronic devices: he’s betting on Amazon’s Kindle and Microsoft’s Kinect. John Gruber, long time Apple analyst and author of the Daring Fireball blog, noticed today how Oprah declared the iPad her “favorite thing” for the 2010 Holidays:

First off, she announced that the iPad is her “number one favorite thing ever.” She says about the device, “words cannot describe how I feel for this device.”(more)

Be it a Kindle, an iPad or the Kinect sensor device: it looks like we’re just about to spend even more time in front of a screen.
First spotted via Infoneer Pulse.


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