"McLuhan Caged (in Electronic Art II)" by Nam June Paik, 1967

Media Art Net: “McLuhan Caged (in Electronic Art II)” by Nam June Paik, 1967 (© Nam June Paik)

Four one-man Paik shows ran in the Galleria Bonino between 1965 and 1974. For ‘Electronic Art II’ (1968), Paik manipulated TV pictures. These distortions – illustrated here by catalogue photos – were produced by moving magnets across the cathode ray tube or by demagnetization effected by a ‘degausser’.

Naim June Paik was a prominent artist in the field of electronic arts, best known for his experimentation with electronic images and video installations. He was born in Seoul in 1932, study in Germany and moved in the United-States in 1964. He died on January 29, 2006. For more information about Nam June Paik, try the following ressources:


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