Le monde est là de toutes parts, et le monde de toutes parts se donne à sentir comme ses couleurs, ses odeurs, ses saveurs, ses bruits, ses présences, ses éloignements, ses distances, ses volumes, ses pressions, les relâchements de ces pressions, ses blessures, ses coupures… son râpeux, son tendre, son mou, son dur… ce qui du monde me porte et ce qui au contraire me pèse, ce contre quoi je m’appuis et ce qui lâche quand je m’y appuis… toutes ces formes innombrables de sentiments, et en même temps de sentiments de soi, c’est-à-dire que je suis tous ces sentiments ou toutes ces sensations, je les suis comme le corps qui à un moment donné, passant à travers le monde, tient toutes ces sensations dans une certaine tenue, un corps qui fait aussi être le monde, de cette manière là.

Le corps du philosophe, a documentary film by Marc Grün, France, 90 minutes, 2003. My transcription: 00:01:20 @ 00:03:00.

The excerpt quoted above appears at the very beginning of the film and is reproduced in the trailer embedded below. The entire film can be rented online for a small fee. Here is the English summary:

This is a film on “Body and thought” an encounter which lead us to approach the body and thought of philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy. This sixty-year old French philosopher had a heard transplant nine years ago. Since then, he has picked up his life, passes medical examinations, is a handyman, writes, fells trees, teaches, and all this with someone else’s heart. This quite singular situation of a thinker (he thinks the body) and a man having undergone such an ordeal (he thinks the body from his transplanted body) allows us to envisage a film which confronts us differently with a philosopher and philosophy. For many people, a philosopher is first and foremost a head, a mind and maybe even a soul. Here he is a body which thinks.


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