…just as there lies concealed in all hatred the abysmal dependence upon that from which hatred at bottom always desires to make itself independent but never can, and can all the less the more it hates.

What is Called Thinking? (Was Heisst Denken?) by Martin Heidegger, tr. by Fred D. Wieck and J. Glenn Gray, New York: Harper & Row, Publishers, 1968, pp. 103-104.

In the official collection of Heidegger’s complete works, the Gesamtausgabe (an ongoing project), What is Called Thinking? is listed as number GA8. The series of lectures of which the book is made were first delivered at the University of Freiburg in 1951 and 1952 (see Beyng.com for the details).
Here’s the French translation as well:

…de même d’ailleurs que dans toute haine se cache la dépendance la plus insondable à l’égard de ce dont elle voudrait au fond constamment se rendre indépendante, ce qu’elle ne peut pourtant jamais faire et qu’elle peut toujours d’autant moins qu’elle hait davantage. (Qu’appelle-t-on penser? tr. by Aloys Becker and Gérard Granel, Paris: Presse Universitaire de France, 1973, p. 78)


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