Photograph of Codex first issue's cover design

ILoveTypography’s Flickr: “Codex”, photograph of issue one, Spring 2001, taken on June 10, 2011

Codex is a new quarterly print magazine entirely dedicated to the fine art of typography. The first issue comes in 164 full-color page and features texts by Christian Schwartz and Paul Barnes, Paul Shaw, Stephen Coles, Erik Spiekermann, Dr Paul Dijstelberge, Craig Mod, Luca Barcellona, and others. It sells for $27.00 USD:

The debut issue features fascinating & carefully researched historical articles, interviews with modern type designers, essays on designing for digital reading, book & type reviews, type specimens & showcases, “vernacular” photography, an exploration of a neglected masterpiece, breathtaking calligraphy, news, one man’s process as he creates an intriguing typeface, & more. (Codex magazine’s shop)

Codex Issue One: photograph of the inside (a)
Codex Issue One: photograph of the inside (a) (from ILoveTypography Flickr's account)

More about Codex:

Codex is a hybrid of magazine and journal. Beautifully designed, visually appealing, an immersive experience with a lively voice, it is also serious about its subject: authoritative, scholarly at times, but not dry in tone. It’s serious, but not stuffy. It loves the people, tools, and type associated with this craft, from the man carving beautiful cherubim into wood blocks in the 1400s to brilliantly formed modern interpretations and departures. It embraces the web and is watchful for the future’s classics.
Codex offers the final word on the shapes that form our words. You’ll find a spectrum of messages and experiences: deep research that cannot be found anywhere online; articles that speak to the working typographer; that look at life outside our work but through the typographer’s eye; that put new type, lettering, books, or practices under the microscope; or that showcase type that simply sits there, self-satisfied and sumptuous. (Codex: About)

Codex Issue One: photograph of the inside (b)
Codex Issue One: inside (from ILoveTypography Flickr's account)

Codex was founded and is published by John Boardley who’s also the founder of I Love Typography.
For more about Codex, see: its official website, its team, its blog (where one can find more photographs of the inside of the first issue).

Cover design for the first issue of Codex: the journal of typography
Cover design for the first issue of Codex: the journal of typography (from ILoveTypography Flickr's account)

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