"Literary Skin: Great Writers, Naked" by John Cuneo

John Cuneo – Personal: “Literary Skin: Great Writers, Naked”, date unknown (© John Cuneo).

From his website:

John Cuneo, humorous illustrator whose work appears in many national publications including Atlantic Monthly and Esquire Magazine.

Cuneo published a book of illustration back in 2007 (Fantagraphics publishers):

Like Emily Dickinson, master illustrator John Cuneo has spent years generating a huge oeuvre of work that has never been published… anywhere. Unlike Ms. Dickinson, however, Cuneo’s consists of stacks and stacks of weird, perverse, erotic, hilarious, and disgusting images delineated in his sketchbooks. But make no mistake — these full-color sketchbook drawings are as lushly finished as his prize-winning illustration work for such magazines as Esquire (where he illustrates the sex column), Rolling Stone, Mother Jones, Entertainment Weekly, and The Atlantic. nEuROTIC is a sharply designed little full-color hardcover that collects the very best of Cuneo’s humorous erotica. (read more over at Fantagraphics)

More resources about John Cuneo and his artwork:

  • He’s got a portofolio over at illoz.com: it’s composed of 19 published drawings along with 6 drawings of people (like Bush and Bukowski).
  • Cuneo also as a presence online over at Drawger.com (a site regrouping illustrator blogs for and by illustrators).
  • Line and Colors, a blog about drawing, sketching, painting and more, has a small piece about John Cuneo:

    His wonderfully lose, sketch-like pen drawings, enlivened with deft applications of watercolor, are a visual treat.

  • Finally, Illustration Art (David Apatoff’s blog) offer a lengthier essay about the art of John Cuneo, more specificaly about the way he represents the relation between the artist and the world in his artwork. Worth reading.

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