Screen capture of the Histories of Violence's website (home page), Sept. 2011

Histories of Violence, founded and directed by Dr. Brad Evans from Leed University, in collaboration with The Guardian and the Guggenheim Museum. © Copyright Leeds 2011

[UPDATE–July 13, 2012] The site was finally updated (or reboot) on July 2012 with a new URL address (the old one is still working, but with the same old content or absence of content it offered back on September 2011). Full lectures (one hour each) are now available to watch. Among others, participants include Steven Graham, Michael Hardt, Brian Massumi, Zygmunt Bauman, Michael Shapiro, Simon Critchley and Noam Chomasky. Clicking any of 16 thumbnails available open a Vimeo player in full screen.
In the light of the forthcoming 10th anniversary of September 11 attacks, most media will offer special coverage of the event itself and how it shapes the years that followed. This coverage will most likely be shaped by a wide range of political allegiances and theoretical frameworks.
The Histories of Violence website is an example of such an effort. It will be officially launched on September 11th as a

multi-media forum dedicated to exploring the theoretical, empirical and aesthetic dimensions to violence. Founded and Directed by Dr. Brad Evans, this trans-disciplinary project provides an open access platform for the specific purposes of academic and public engagement; knowledge transfer; political discussion; philosophical reflection; along with exhibiting works which directly engage the perennial problem afflicting human life.

At the moment, beside the slideshow from which the above image was taken, one can watch a 45 minutes video featuring a presentation by Zygmunt Bauman (for more about him, see The Bauman Institute)
The Histories of Violence works in collaboration with The Guardian: it provides material and analysis for a special series covering the 10th anniversary of September 11: “10 Years of Terror”.

In this video series, prominent scholars explore the legacy of 9/11 and discuss the theoretical, empirical and aesthetic dimensions to violence. Full lectures will be available at Histories of Violence on September 11th (read the full presentation by Brad Evans and Simon Critchley: “New thinking is needed about September 11”)

The Guardian already offers three more short videos featuring analysis by Brian Massumi, Zygmunt Bauman and Noam Chomsky. Below is the intervention by Brian Massumi (posted on September 2, 2011):

See also Žižek’s take on Rumsfeld’s “unknown unknowns”: “What Rumsfeld Doesn’t Know That He Knows About Abu Ghraib” (May 21st, 2004)
Previously: “The Half-Life of Disater” by Brian Massumi


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