Communicate? You too would like to communicate? Communicate what? your backfill?―the same mistake again and again. All of your backfill heaped on itself?

You’re not yet intimate enough with you, poor fool, to have something to communicate.

Tent Posts by Henri Michaux, tr. by Lynn Hoggard, Los Angeles: Green Integer, [1981]1997, p. 97.

Here’s the original French version, first published as Poteaux d’angle (Paris: Gallimard, 1981):

Communiquer? Toi aussi tu voudrais communiquer? Communiquer quoi? tes remblais?―la même erreur toujours. Vos remblais les uns les autres?

Tu n’es pas encore assez intime avec toi, malheureux, pour avoir à communiquer.


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