"Tu avais quel âge quand tu es parti?" by Gerard Schlosser, 1978

artnet.com: “Tu avais quel âge quand tu es parti” by Gerard Schlosser, acrylic on sanded canvas, 59.1″x59.1″, 1978

Gerard Schlosser is a French painter born in 1931. He’s known for painting hyperrealist fragments of fictional stories. He uses photographs to frame a specific part of a scene: woman’s legs crossed while she’s sitting on a chair, half the back of a man leaning forward, a single breasts partly exposed, trunks of man and woman embracing each other, etc. He currently lives and works in Paris.
There’s virtually no information in English about him on the Internet. Here’s what I was able to found:

  • Galerie Laurent Strouk website displays nine paintings (medium size). Its Flickr photostream has two hi-res reproduction of Schlosser paintings (1000px).
  • In French, Contempart has 13 medium reproduction of various paintings, as well as a short biography and analysis.
  • artnet.com has three more paintings by Schlosser (medium size).
  • In French, a short article on Wikipedia with a list of Schlosser’s recent exhibitions.
  • Galerie Marie Ricco has a reproduction of “Mais c’est le jour” (1977). It’s a good size reproduction but the quality is poor.
  • Le Cercle d’Art is hosting a short documentary (in French) about Schlosser: “Conversation avec Gerard Schlosser” by Philippe Monsel, 2009 (23 minutes). Flash is required to watch the video (follow the link and click on “Film Gérard Schlosser”). At the very beginning of the video, we see him sanding his canvas (applying glue and fine sand on its surface).
  • Alain Jouffroy wrote a book on Gerard Schlosser: Gerard Schlosser, Frédéric Loeb editors, Paris, 1993. It seems to be really hard to find. The two copies available on AbeBooks are sold nearly 400US$ each. Excerpt:
  • Schlosser est une caméra-œil, la caméra-œil d’un peintre-cinéaste, et pas seulement un œil. Mais cette caméra-œil – et cet œil – sont, comme ceux d’un cinéaste, indissolublement liés aux emplois du temps, aux emplois d’espaces d’une société.


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