The functioning  of the eye" by Paul Slick in Life and Health, 1972

50 Watts: “Figure 19.3 The functioning of the eye in many ways can be compared to that of a camera”, illustration by Paul Slick, from Life and Health published by Communications Research Machines in 1972.

50 Watts, previously known as A Journey Round My Skull is Will Schofield’s richly and well curated space about rare, beautiful and often very strange book illustrations. It’s a must have for any illustration aficionados’ feed reader (one can alternatively subscribe to his newsletter on his “About” page).
Schofield is currently in the process of importing all his posts from A Journey Round My Skull to 50 Watts (which runs on the Cargo publishing plateform):

From August 2007 to February 2011 I went by the cryptic, impossible-to-remember pseudonym “A Journey Round My Skull” (not quite JAMS, not quite ARMS). I’m gradually importing all 700+ posts from “Journey” into my new home 50 Watts. (During this transition period I’ll be clogging your RSS reader with up to 50 posts per week, as each re-made post shows up at the top of my feed. Should be under control by summer. My normal rate is 3 or 4 posts per week.)
In February 2007 I was invited by the two guys of But Does it Float to begin posting there. BDiF runs on Cargo, which I quickly fell in love with. 50 Watts uses Cargo’s ‘biblio’ layout. (About)

A good way to discover Will Schofield’s collection is by browsing through his “greatest hits”. One can also follow him on Facebook, check his Tumblr blog or visit his Flickr photostream.
Here’s what Schofield has to say about the book Life and Health and its surreal illustrations:

Communications Research Machines published Life and Health in 1972. I started to collect CRM’s intentionally or unintentionally psychedelic publications after finding a copy of Biology Today in a bookstore’s discard pile. Other early-seventies gems I plan to feature include Psychology Today and Developmental Psychology Today. (If searching for your own copies, pay attention to the dates as apparently subsequent editions are toned down.) For a fuller picture of Life and Health, see my previous posts featuring the surreal paintings of Phil Kirkland and the diagrams of Tom Lewis.

Below is another illustration by Paul Slick for a the first page of a chapter titled “The Eyes and Ears” (in 1972, the brain runs analog audio tape).

"The Eyes and Ears" by Paul Slick in Life and Health, 1972
"The Eyes and Ears" by Paul Slick in Life and Health, 1972

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