"The Feast" by Jean-Michel Folon, 1983

50 Watts: “The Feast” by Jean-Michel Folon, 1983, from Folon’s Folon, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1990 (Amazon).

From The New York Times obituary (Folon died in 2005):

Known by only his last name, Folon created art that was popular in France and in the United States from the 1960’s to the present, on posters, in books and magazines and in various advertising campaigns. […]
Folon was fond of making grand statements in intimate, compact spaces. Even his large posters, collected in the 1978 “Posters by Folon,” started as small drawings and prints. His work was defined by contrasts. His pen line was simple, bordering on naïve, and his luminous watercolor palette was intentionally optimistic, but his subject matter was often downbeat, criticizing what he believed was relentless urban conformity and the loneliness it caused. (“Jean-Michel Folon, 71, Belgian Illustrator, Dies” by Steven Heller, Octover 22, 2005).

More resources online about Jean-Michel Folon:

  • Atelier Folon (Flash is required), where one can browse a selection of his work. Folon designed and illustrated a couple of movie posters, including the one below (French version of Woody Allen’s The Purple Rose of Cairo):
"The Purple Rose of Cairo" (French version) movie poster by Jean-Michel Folon
"The Purple Rose of Cairo" (French version) movie poster by Jean-Michel Folon
  • The Folon Foundation (Flash is required):

    The famous Belgian artist Jean-Michel Folon put more than five hundred works just twenty minutes outside of Brussels, in the farm of the castle of La Hulpe. This charming and characteristic building in the middle of the marvellous Solvay Park is home to more than forty years of creation.

Below is another piece by Folon titled “American Flag” (etching and aquatint on Velin de Creysse paper, 1990). It can be found at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s store.

"American Flag" by Jean-Michel Folon, 1990
"American Flag" by Jean-Michel Folon, 1990

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