“Erik Spiekermann. Putting Back the Face into Typeface”, 13’03”, February 1st, 2011. Flash needed. The above video was embedded from Vimeo which supports HTML5 playback.

Another reminder that I should (will) take the time one day to write something about the design of ideas. I’m deeply convinced that one can talk about the art of shaping an idea for a public (be it a new idea or an old one presented under a new light) just as a graphic designer talks about the art of making a good graphic design or a typographer talks about the art of making a good typeface. And there’s something absolutely exhilarating about this. description for the above video:

Typographer, graphic designer and businessman Erik Spiekermann has created timeless, influential and, yes, Meta-physical work over the past three decades.
Next to founding MetaDesign and FontShop, the latter being the first ever digital distributor of fonts, and designing more instant classic typefaces than any other, he has been recognized as an outstanding expert internationally.
Listen to the design genius talk about new visual languages, design processes, the analogies of music and typography, and why we need better client culture in our latest video and you will easily realize why. Before heading to new visionary pastures, the bike enthusiast will make a short stop to receive the German Design Lifetime Achievement Award 2011 in February.

You may already have heard about Spiekermann since he was featured in the documentary Helvetica by Gary Hustwit (2007). Below, is an extra interview with Spiekermann included on the DVD of the film:

If you want more information about Erik Spiekermann, consider the following links:

  • Erik Spiekermann’s official blog
  • Erik Spiekermann’s autobiography in PDF (more like a short itinary of his professional life)
  • Spiekermann is Creative Director and Managing Partner of Edenspiekermann (formely United Designers Networks)
  • Another bio and an interview over at (Flash required). The interview was conducted as Spiekermann just received the 2007 European Designer Hall of Fame Award
  • One can study (and buy) 22 font families by Erik Spiekermann over at the MyFonts website
  • An in-depth article about Spiekermann’s work was published in May/June 2007 at the Step Inside Design website

I first came aware of the video via Bifurcations.


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