Hurt Me by Efi Chalikopoulou, 2011

Efi Chalikopoulou: Hurt Me, 2011

About Efi Chalikopoulou:

Born and raised in Athens, Greece, I obtained my BFA from the Athens School of Fine Arts where I studied painting, sculpture and graphic design for five years. I am currently a graduate student at the School of Visual Arts in New York, earning my MFA in the ‘Illustration as Visual Essay’ program. (About)

The illustration above is part of the exhibition “Selections from Thesis Projects in the MFA Illustration as Visual Essay Department” (April 29 – May 14, 2011):

an exhibition that brings together animations, children’s books, graphic novels, figurative paintings, comic books and other narrative works by 21 students graduating from the MFA Illustration as Visual Essay Department. (official exhibition overview)

From the same exhibition overview, here is the official snippet for Chalikopoulou’s project:

Love me, Hurt me and Save me is a trilogy of books by Greek artist Efi Chalikopoulou that explores the concept of true love and the complicated mixture of pleasure and pain that can accompany a passionate relationship. Chalikopoulou’s thesis advisor is faculty member Frances Jetter.

First spotted via This Isn’t Happiness.


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