CCS Summer Workshop poster by Joseph Lambert, drawn with a brush pen and G-nib & ink, colored in Photoshop, 2011. © Joseph Lambert

Joseph Lambert: CCS Summer Workshop poster, drawn with a brush pen and G-nib & ink, colored in Photoshop, 2011. © Joseph Lambert

This illustration was first used to promote The Center for Cartoon Studies 2011 Summer Workshops. A cropped version was reused to promote this year Summer Workshops as well. You can a higher resolution (1200 x 1864) of the same illustration on Lambert’s Flickr account.
Joseph Lambert (or Joe Lambert) is a cartoonist, illustrator and co-editor of the Sundays anthology. His comics have appeared in Mome (Vol. 22, Fall 2011), several editions of the annual Best American Comics anthology, and Dark Horse Presents (2007), as well as anthologies by NoBrow Press and Koyama Press. He graduated from The Center for Cartoon Studies in 2008.
Joseph Lambert already has published two comic books. I Will Bite You! and Other Stories was published in 2011 by Secret Acres (128 pages, two-color interiors (black & yellow) with a 16 page full-color section, 14$). Annie Sullivan was published in 2012 by Disney/Hyperion (96 pages, full-color, hardcover, buy it on Amazon).
He was born in Kansas in 1984. He now lives in White River Junction, Vermont with his wife and dog. One can follow him on Twitter. You can learn more about his work by visiting his official website and browse prints at his online shop.
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