This blog is not a campaign, it has no taste of marketing,
It is without placed product, suggested remedy or contrived spokesperson.
It is on the tips of my fingers forever, I am in love with it.
I will go to Tumblr and start another one, undisguised and naked.
I am mad for random people to contact with me.


The smoke of my own breath, I will Instagram without hesitation.
Picking a grungy, high contrast filter, to encapsulate the moment,
Constructing a window into my life and very temperament.
I will tweet every respiration and inspiration,
Every bite of every sandwich will become instantly shareable,
Instantly yours.

McSweeney’s: “Blog of Myself” by Oyl Miller, March 23, 2012.

This is just a small excerpt of a longer poem dealing humorously with LOL, “likes”, Tumblr, animated GIFs and much more. Follow the link to read it in its entierty.
Oyl Miller is the alias of Andrew Miller, a writer based in Portland, Oregon. Since 2008, he’s been working as a copywriter for the advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo (Flash is required). Among other thing he wrote the “Ignite The Game” ad for Nike.
He’s been a contributing writer for McSweeney since 2010 and wrote half-a-dozen humorous pieces dealing with our relationship to technology: “Tweet“, “The Joy of Photoshopping”, “I am the Orson Welles of Powerpoint” and more.
See his official website. He’s also present on Facebook, Vimeo and Twitter. He runs not one but three different Tumblr blogs: Oyl in Tokyo, The Art of Competition and Oyl Spill.
And yes, he uses Instagram where he posts high contrast pictures of the food he eats.


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