You are accused by the graffiti community of selling them out? How do you plead?

‘It’s hard to know what “selling out” means ― these days you can make more money producing a run of anti-McDonald’s posters than you can make designing actual posters for McDonald’s.

‘I tell myself I use art to promote dissent, but maybe I am just using dissent to promote my art. I plead not guilty to selling out. But I plead it from a bigger house than I used to live in.’

Time Out London: “Banksy Interview” by Oussian Ward, March 1st, 2010 (© 2010 Time Out Group Ltd.)

A funny and interesting interview with the elusive British street artist Banksy. It was conducted a few days before the release of Banksy first feature film, a docu-mockumentary untitled Exit Through the Gift Shop.


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