"Echo" by Columbian artist "9000" (2009)9000: “Echo”, June 2, 2009 (© All Rights Reserved)

“9000” is the pseudonym of a prolific Columbian artist about whom there aren’t much information. Last March, Wired magazine wrote about him:

Our latest infographic obsession: a Flickr stream from a Colombian artiste (illustrator, musician, filmmaker, philosopher) who uses the numero de pluma 9000. His creations comment on love, technology, and pop culture in graphic styles ranging from Victorian illustration to propaganda posters. Thy Kingdom Come, an exhibition of his work, opens in April in Bogotá. (“Playliste: Enigmatic Artist 9000”, March 22, 2010)

Check his Flickr’s profile, browse his most popular illustrations on Flickriver, visit his official website or buy some of his prints.

The above illustration makes use of Caravaggio’s famous painting “Sacrifice of Isaac” (1601-02, oil on canvas, 104 x 135 cm, Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence). Here’s a reproduction from the Web Gallery of Art (public domain):

"Sacrifice of Isaac" by Caravaggio (1601-02)


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