The Oklahoma City Bombing, April 1995

Wikimedia Commons: “The bombed remains of automobiles with the bombed Federal Building in the background. The military is providing around the clock support since a car bomb exploded inside the building on Wednesday, April 19, 1995.” Photograph taken on April 21, 1995 by Staff Sergeant Preston Chasteen [Public Domain]

Two years earlier, on April 19, 1993, what came to be known as the Waco siege (Wikipedia) ended violently. It’s not a coincidence:

Detailing his motives in the Oklahoma City bombing for the first time publicly, Timothy McVeigh says he pulverized the federal building to avenge Waco and Ruby Ridge — and that he regrets having killed children only because it undercut his cause. (The Associated Press: “McVeigh Remorseless About Bombing”, March 19, 2001)


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